Here at Futuron Inc, we offer A-Z services for launching an NFT collection.

the collection

Are you thinking about creating your own NFT collection?

  • NFT Design

    NFT design is the creation of a digital file, for example an image, video clip, GIF or even a cinematic combo, produced with the purpose of minting. These items become a token after a user takes a digital file or digital design and puts it on a blockchain.

  • NFT Minting

    NFT minting is a process in which digital files such as images are converted into digital assets under some standards and that file is stored on the blockchain. It can be done by someone with the right tools and technology. It’s impossible to change the stored content on the blockchain.

  • NFT Marketplace Development

    NFT Marketplace is a digital marketplace where anybody can buy, sell, store, display, and trade non-fungible tokens or digital assets. These marketplaces play a crucial role in spanning the gap between buyers and sellers of NFTs.

Futuron helps to

Enhance your business with
NFT marketplace

Build Your Own Customized NFT Illustration, Marketplace To Enjoy Hassle-Free Services From A Leading NFT Illustrators and Marketplace Development Agency.



Futuron uses the NFT to create games with unique features: weapons, artefacts, wearables. These assets can be used from right inside the game process or can be traded and exchanged outside it.


NFT Marketplace Development

Non-fungible token marketplaces (NFT) provides a place for buying, selling and trading of NFT tokens and making the process far more easier for the end user.



We develop crypto collectibles which allows you to let provide your customers Internet collectibles in the form of NFT’s to grant limitless ownership.


NFT Custom

Customize your creative direction and bring your ideas and vision to life with Futuron on-demand, flat-rate, 100% custom illustration service. Futuron creatives hail from around the world and bring a comprehensive skill set.


Open Market/Trading Place

You can Buy, Sell and Trade crypto assets by making open market/trading place containing order book and exchanges using 0x protocol. Example : rarebits, opensea, boxswap.


NFT Web Design And Development

We help our clients to develop and design the user interface of their website.

The Evolution of NFT

NFT stands for non-fungible token. The word non-fungible means it is unique and cannot be replaced with something else. Bitcoin, for instance, is fungible. You can trade one bitcoin for another. But a unique trading card (which is one of a kind) is non-fungible.

NFT (most of them) is typically held on Ethereum blockchain but other blockchains can support it too. An NFT is minted or created from a digital object which represents tangible as well as intangible items like collectibles, GIFs, art, video game skins, avatars, music, and more. Each NFT has a digital signature making it impossible for one NFT to be equal to another.

We have got you covered!








Allow our NFT engineers to create a powerful NFT platform where any item may be tokenized, whether it's artwork, gaming cards, software licenses, music, digital collectibles, or real-world assets.

Ready to create and sell your own NFT?

Launch Your NFT Marketplace

We can assist you in creating NFT collections and launching your own NFT marketplace. By Monetizing via NFT art, you can raise from 1 to 5 Million! Here are some ways you can make money.


On every sale, the artist will get a royalty. You as an artist will continue getting credit for your work!


Invite investors to buy or have a stake in your art NFT and get a cut with the sale of your art.


Create and trade Your NFT Collections. Make huge revenue by selling your art NFT through auction systems.


Our NFT Marketing Services

NFT marketing is a collection of strategies that can help increase the awareness of your brand and build strong digital communities. There are multiple benefits of NFT marketing, some of them are mentioned below.

  • NFT Marketing attracts new customers.
  • NFT Marketing creates brand awareness.
  • Marketing generates excitement and buzz around your project that generates traction.

We are a leading NFT marketing company and offer different NFT marketing services globally. Our NFT marketing services in USA focus on helping you grow as a brand and create value by reaching NFT buyers, investors, and enthusiasts. We offer optimization services to maintain and update your marketing campaign.